89mm x 36mm White Direct Thermal Labels for Zebra Toshiba printers



Premium Grade A quality labels with a strong adhesive. Can be used with Toshiba, Zebra, Toshiba TEC, Citizen and Eltron printers.

The labels are compatible with a massive range of printers including:

Zebra GK420D, GX420D, GK420T, GX420T, GX430T GC420D, GC420T LP2844, TLP2844, LP2844-Z, TLP2844-Z, TLP3842, TLP3844-Z DA402, TLP3742, LP2742, T300  

Toshiba TEC B-SV4D, B-SV4T, B442, B443, B-EV4D, B-EV4T

Citizen CLP521, CLP621, CLP631, CLS521, CLS621, CLS631

Eltron TLP2742, LP2742, TLP2844, LP2844, TLP3642 LP3642 TLP3742, Orion 2442, Orion 2443, UPS LP2543 and many more

Core Diameter:  25mm

Labels per Roll:  1200

Label Colour:  White

Text Colour:  Black